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Yelling; idiot obscenities.

Brave new world blue baby blue in this snot nosed new world order of genetically engineered for your convenience.

One step forward two steps back head kick. Do the Mussolini, not in time, not in unison, head kick. Conscious miss-adventure with cautious miss-steps. Waking steps … wake walking … asleep with the disinformation running rampant..

Hurricane scared remains; bloated … floated down the river. Mississippi mistake with no recovery for the old skull and bones.

Time heals time, and all that; remains remain bloated and forgotten. Relegated disaster ranking number one…10 4 of incessant screams of the half million trapped and under tarp of super-dome presidential grand old parties on the waters edge of tomb walking tours of the old french drawn and quartered.

Pedestal pastor perched preaching the apocalypse approaches. The four surfing over cascading levees. Retribution is at hand while flood water rises, cleansing the city of degradation and decay. Desolation what’s new now on Rue Desolation of the old historic quarter. A dixieland funeral march for the tragic half million. Survive that; here’s another. Evangelical horror stories and accompanying Kill a queer for Christ bumper stickers make the expected re-appearance as tele-evangelical props for the decimated looking for a reason; it is the season. Sullen faced preachers berating the looted television audience. This is all the heathens fault, it’s all the voodoo you do make no allowance for the godless bastards and sinful pop music buyers. Retribution is at hand to cleanse the earth of the damned,

Make a new world order, blue baby blue. Morality and vanity. We are so much better than you.

You shall remember the stories myths and legends; the great libraries of Alexandria, Atlantis and Troy. Lost to watery grave. Reborn; the city shall re-emerge from the silt rot and decay. Let the corpses be the foundation for the new world baby blue. Strippers sluts and oil platform shoes shall not withstand the wrath. There shall be no fate of Troy for the city of saints, of funeral pyres. It is a New Petrol World Order so blow me blue baby blue. Christian commercials turning up the hate of God bless the USA. Given this warning to give another chance to live up to the dollar.

Writing sub-titles for the film of life. A tomb walking tour talking Dr. John talking points complaining about the celebrity loses and lack of tea party face time. Media elite conspiracy of silence. Talking blue baby blue in the face as the blood red sun rises if this city of the dead. Can smell the rot. A frenzied buffet of misfortune, an alligator feast on the unfortunate Do Wah Diddy to a dixieland beat.

Celebration as the quarter levee breaksand a cold wind blows baby blue to the bone…let corpse remains be the foundation on which this city is rebuilt. Return the floods waters to the basin from which it first came…return to the soil those first and last hour remains.

Bourbon soaked street bars and the still boarded Mississippi boardwalk strippers, working on warped tables and bars. Entertaining the troops on the flood waters plain Janes. This business never dries up as the godless souls are condemned to walk the desolate streets in search of the still cheaper thrills. Soaked up and doped up. Little more than meat on the street.