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Tune in to the turned up hate at the dawn’s first light. Semi flooded alleyways washing away the stench of lost lives destroyed; drunken, disease riddled, broken on the inside. All that remains in condemned. Sheetrock and sheet metal infrastructure rotting.

These are the leper colonialist of the old Louisiana; run off into the swamps again.

Acadian and Cajun, celebrations from the old Voodoo rituals. Generational stories of the dead undead claiming more souls for the armies of darkness. Scare the kiddies to go out at night. 

Ceremonial: a cold wind blows across the bayou, muddied landscape changes with each gust. Ceremonial baby blue, the dead men walk these dead neighbourhoods.


Nobodies.Left to rot and fade away. Biddy  babies forgotten to meals of squirel and snake. Your in the deep woods now boy. Respect; respect the bayou Respect the Voodoo.

Sullen swollen pastoral faces, of rivers overflowing with tears while Satan surfs along the barrier reef. Shipwrecked souls stranded on rooftops. Big Easy rescue beads, what will you do for them?

Whores on Rafts, Pulpit princes admonish the congregation. You know it’s all your fault with pagan rituals and heathen celebrations of demonic dances of possession, circling entwinde bodies of campfire Voodooo dolls trolling the masturbation fields blinded by the excesses. Stumbling on comblestone paths. Lead the way. Salvation in the guuise of a Serpant headed  guide.

Dead undead blue baby blue. Diamond dogs and Mugwumps. Mutated. The remaining do wah biddy babies sitting on porches cooking up last nights catfish and crawfish.  There is no-one comming.

There is no-one comming blue baby blue, it is no different that before. Generated kerosene power the pumps of swamp gas powered souls screaming  No Tresspass. Lost in the suffled deck of cards as the all seeing eye is blinded by indifference. New World Order so blow me blue baby blue This is finality in totality.