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Nobodies, left to rot and fade away. Biddy babies; forgotten to meals of squirrel meat and snake. You’re in the deep woods now blue baby blue. Respect; respect the bayou, respect the Voodoo. See the sullen swollen pastoral faces, the rivers overflowing with tears while Satan surfs along the barrier reef. Shipwrecked souls stranded on rooftops. Big Easy rescue beads…what will you do for them. Pulpit princes admonishing the congregation “it is all your fault; heathen celebratory dancing demonic possession dances of circling entwined bodies. All the while circling campfire Voodoo dolls and trolling the masturbation fields being blinded by your excesses. Lead the way to salvation in the guise of a serpent headed guide
The un-dead dead blue baby blue. With diamond dogs and Mugwumps mutating the remains of the do wha biddy babies sitting by the front porch cook-out of last night’s catfish. There is no-one coming. There is no-one coming blue baby blue. It is no different than before. Generational swamp gas powered souls screaming no Trespass! Lost in the shuffled deck of cards; blinded by the all seeing eye of indifference. It is a new world order so blow me blue baby red state.