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The representative officials convene another meeting. Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle. The site no longer matters as protesters always gather on the streets to yell themselves raw. Their pleas rise up and go unheard. This is the banker’s wet dream; they have ever cared about the plight of another new entry into their monetary third world.
The conference has started; the smiling and, the talking about how they are very worried … there are subdued rumbling on the streets about the inadequate food, the poisoned water, acid reflux and innumerable stress’ causing some to call for the distribution of K. K. doughnuts and Camel cigarettes throughout the crowd; it’s 2 of the 3 redesigned major food groups they say.
Analyse the augmented reality segments displayed on the lockstep television broadcasts of the doughnut dispersals while laughing smiling Cheshire cat grins. They still behave like cancer even though the sickness has taken control. In reality they can’t even dress themselves. Pretty soon they won’t be able to tell between what is real and what is not. Addicted to the P.O. they get it special now. Counterfeit… fast food wetnaps rolled up. P.O. xp in disposable plastic applicators. Disposable; like so much of what passes for life. With the Waffle house boys …the imf/wto thugs looking on from the free coffee refill club morning editions news. Staying in touch with yesterday’s disinformation daily.
The Waffle house big band acid jazz quartet plays on the jukebox. Vintage big country jazz standards, Rock-o-la roll jukebox babies talking amongst themselves while P.O. addicts stumble down the streets, getting all metallic over the new plastic. “Systems Failure“ Crash your world baby blue with a high so clear you will think you have caught the sky. Crash tag – catch tag for the digitally dazed. Coming close; neurotic, free refill boys in their modified open wheel PVC, Hybrid auto jackets moving too quickly for addled eyes to follow. Join the meeting, time to leave the rock-ola atmosphere for the flashing binary Hot Doughnuts Now of the 110th floor Jax base of the K.K. Kafe. Day olds at the end of the conference table serves as a reminder to feed and tease the St.Johns and Nassau locals gathered below.
Dristan for the mind.
Feng Shie and the art of hostile flower arrangement. Weird dreams come and get it. None of it is real; in our imagination. Kept in check by the daily drops, public transportation exhaust and the additives they put in food products. Like trained monkey’s or circus freaks; we are caged hunchbacks throwing shit at passing spectators. The wired and weird in condensed form. It’s all very odd how it happens. Things once believed to be true turn out to be nothing more than elaborate mind games; a hoax on a worldwide scale can happen when you are not looking. The waffle house boys in freshly pressed brown leather button down leather jackets singing praise of “old Jim Crowe” Just a mechanical bear Jamboree; can you smell the Carolina cookout. It’s all just more Dristan for the brain.