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The bruises are starting to become more obvious; the black bags under the eyes have begun to show the signs of a full on metallic addiction. This viaduct triangle of Toronto Jax Daytona has become more crowded than ever before. No one really knows where they are. Winter will solve the north south problem but, questions still remains. No-one knows or really cares about who they are or what they are. These long past years of recreational addictions; to cigarettes, alcohol, and the screaming blues. This enforced addiction to the P.O. It has made it all irrelevant and no-one truly cares what happens. The addiction has beaten them down and, destroyed any sense of self worth.
The big holders of the licences look down saying “Soylent Green baby, they’ll gladly eat it by the time we’re done”.
They’ve blindly gone on believing the sing song mantras of “Governments aren’t important people are…” never once realizing that they are nothing more than breeders and are of no consequence. This is their nature, this is what they do. Governments are important and we; we are a virus that keeps on replicating. We are the Homeland Insecurity. If you listen closely you can almost hear the choir sing from the first act the “Fantasy of the Golden Vaults” every time another country falls into violation of the licences.

There are images of a carefree childhood flashing on the neon signs. “Go for it” blinking in the bizarre binary language the licence holders own. This is one of those times defining the moments in the evolution of government collaborations with the Wonderful World Corp.
So contrary to reason; we have allowed language to owned and controlled. Left to stagnate and devolve into nothing more than buzzwords and marketing hyperbole. This has always been the people’s downfall; misguided appropriations. These lies and our own blind stupidity in believing when they say they have our best interests at heart. Blink blink blank faces …don’t blink; flashing binary and Morse code messages of peace love and tranquility. This proudly soul destroying moment brought is to you by those benevolent folks at Wonderful World.