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The mind wanders.
Cathedral displays the grandeur in the tanks overflowing with soldiers onward. Popularized Invocation – an explanation of this decay, the reflections in the eyes of a time denied.
I name these eyeless denials; those speeches never given. They are the thieves. The replayed dreams of psychic slumber.
Overheard –
Oh my dear what makes you think they care that you walk these streets in silent hate, of issues multiplied by misunderstanding.
So dream a dream; climb those silent stairs with proclamations of intent. Dream a dream of adrenaline at the umbrellas point.
These banned blood lines. That is all these two cents are worth in this terminal world.
A point of provocation; to paraphrase the literary Para-military. We shall not be your St.Valentine’s day Massacre – of total dissent – of Verlaine; broken on the streets of promise. Our past is an evil river flowing into the mass for the middle class.
We are of our own. Our dreams travel along these walls of the western kingdom. The rivers are full of memories – the fallen but not yet forgotten. And under open skies, the protecting eyes watch.
Time has been denied and language has become self replicating. Time is an arabesque, of viral words that paint no pictures of a time gone to the grave. Time, Time keeps this fleeting panic alive, and she says I am unused. These terrible walls have grown high on the strange, my lust has turned to hate and my hate has turned to dust. This aurora has faded to grey as time keeps this panic alive – or so she says .
To a dream, of murderous highs that burn. It makes for levels insane. In this silence we crawl. We crawl to the swinging stairway of fabulous to and fro to vibrate the ground with glorious groundbreaking sound. We crawl, we dance. This is us when we are divine.