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Towering Gun new licenses – largly forgotten and unread, in burned out flashing terminals … bus, trains areoplanes.

Smashing they say of the system of localised uprisings, mostly contained to the Gnu open source users attempting poison pill on a mass (requim) scale.- connected disconnect- waves – Sines waves from beah frobt displays of chance encounters. Innanimate objects hanging in Mobile alabamas of past and future indiscretions – future past perfects. Fragments of small placid thoughts awaitig expansion. A bridge to the ressons that be all of the end of what once was. Pining away for the false prophets of televised doom and destruction. Of the sonic white castle collapse of new-reich world order.
Bloated remains of the moniedclass – run monkey boy run…ruined thrain of thought.

Just a collection of maladies and medical emergencies. Pointless and grim in attention grabbing failures.\No news is good nudes of street corner prophets shocking proportion,
I am without… prophetic proclimations…or so says the Mage` trainling off into subversive discoourse.