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Rebellion; give the kiddies something to die for; the drug is pervasive and all encompassing, popular music’s fake black leather death mask. Tributes to the many that died and yet they continue to wear the imposed blinders. Solutions buried under years of neglect. Pop culture, a wasteland of discarded ipods stuffed with saviors, ear candy distractions, and superstar symbols of synthetic status. It’s the new implants solution for all the ills of this society.
Looking out; actually seeing the all-encompassing disaster. You visualize how it all came to be. No hunger if it cannot be obtained with minimal effort. No energy expelled for anything other than what can be obtained for free. No desires; for anything or anything that would require action or immediate personal payment. Fucked up; full of disease and handouts. It is no wonder this society learned nothing and finally decayed.
A concrete embankment surrounds the viaduct city and fenced to protect someone, I don’t really k now or care. All that I know is, that fence is their New Berlin Wall.
Today it is raining again, it’s always raining here; the Gods are trying to wash all of the debris and all of them away, they are often heard to say. Well it is not working, all of that gnomish rubbish still lingers. The dead dying and deaded it is just like what old Neddy say. The new insurgents are holding purge parties just as the ancient ones used to hold. Dead dying … death, for all that has changed so much remains the same. Us against them or is it more of a are you against us?
Bite biting bitten on the ass far too often. Choose your friends with more care than you choose your enemies. Bite you on the ass once again … vicious … like Saint Sid … patron Saint of the hopeless self-destructive. Flashback… propaganda as best film … World Trade Center bombing started all of this…didn’t come down. Idea … Passenger jets as missile and payload. Bring them down, crashing down, thundering ground. Now what to do Big apple bitten off more than you can chew. Old pin-up pictures dust and debris. Gloating extremist grins through the grime of unwashed faces smiling Cheshire grins of the old Washington town all down downtown.