Dances in treacle –
Doubting Thomas –
Jeffersonian and the art of eclipses
( sprinkled here and there,)

Dances in that dismal night
of rain and fog – The
Songs of the Madonna without her squares –
The Godhead/figurehead
( figure/ground)
Joyceian waltz on the unstable shores –
Diminished memories – of
the 40 years before sleeping together .
Figurehead – Godhead –
Diminished memory of the
40 years –
Anguished – turmoil and the
Black arts in September – the unshakable
Belief in the unassailable right of those
Left –

You have a lot of padding there –
Like a whale – it must keep you warm in colder climates –
A ginger haired boy to the hair of a dog ( capitalist fraud or animal?)

Historical memory is a casualty of
Corporate media – Can you (we) make these old mummies dance?
– on graves – ( yours or mine?)