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Pick a date at random; remember
the anniversary.
( do you Clicy? )
the D’evolutions
( of the mind – of the body – thee soul. )
Do you Clichy?
Have you Gestalt – Do you do the
Situationist two-step?
( have you heard the words? Building up walls?)

These are the last days – exploration –
( Lewis and Clarke’s Nova Expedition.
A pending psychosis fair for the disposable –
where and when the words join together in a cancerous collusion.

Forever and ever as some of them say
( a creation story by definition – a sin … a lie told to tow the line – keep in line – )
walk this way –
(the slaughter awaits – )
a straight answer awaits those with the correct questions –

Kick down those doors of that reality studio –
I wait and wait for another Black September –
( remembering that on an evening in November -)
The needed terrors –
( these numbers do not add up -)

So there is nothing left here but ruins
( and a sickness that runs in rivers of blood -)