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Of these –
The dollar rich yet morally bankrupt –
( the new moral majority with fresh MBA’s)
So this is the shock of the new –
( conspicuous consumption is the new! ?)
Rebellions of yesteryear are today’s commodity.
(punk really was nothing more than the marketing of Vivianne
Westwood as pure nihilistic rebellion.)

The street will always find its own –
( lingering along the A10 – a high street compared to the A1A –

This section has been redacted –
( so; just going to stand there.)
Just going to stand here; yes would you rather I broke into a rousing reading of End Game? Well I would rather not. So think of this as 3’33” by John Cage.
This section has been redacted and an F.O.A. has been submitted to the appropriate department (Or so he/she(?) says – forgotten lines equal desperate times. )

The curtain calls …

So the doctor said as he hung up the severed head.
(multiple atrocities reminiscent )
Vivisection considered as an uphill bicycle race ? –
As the rain falls … Is it even possible to justify?
(The serial experiment of the post-human project.)
Subject/s to change
The curtain calls –
( your name)
Watch your mark –
That dreadful sound as the night surrounds –
( have you heard it all before?)
An infinite loop –
Children playing –
Yet lost in the war on culture.

The dreadful sound of night closing in –
( on offer – a guided tour for the soulless – get a first hand look at the insurrection-)