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Even the bride stripped of
her descending staircase –
( a case of mixed up media?)
a visual representation of sound
Multidimensional –
reflections of light –
( an included delusion)
those angry words re-imagined as a

There is no cure for this
( a deviant in the Sondheim society.)
A fragment of fragrance reminds …
not to die but to become the soul – the terrified self
looking back – reflections of the self.
(Forever the ever.)
Lasting in
an attempt to write my way out of the
raging storm.

The long awaited arrival –
-Pilot –
Waiting now for his/her (?)
Chance meeting –
Typewriters waiting on the dissection table –
(in extremis )
Rising up – against it all.
( the red army erection.)

Pissing through our is it in
Cleopatra’s needle.
( re-setting historical regrets)
Later rather than the Here and Now
(Regretting the Historic Post-Modernist future self.)