Inarticulate translations to follow…

A ginger haired boy…

(what of him; he is a ghost from the past.)

Times on the Thames and the staggering crimes.

( all along the deafening A 10.)

I have seen the sleeping graves

that seem to cry ot;

Where are the Immortal ones!

Have they all gone off into the great Wilde?

Too frolic in the fields of the lost?

Only the tombs remain; open to interpretation, open to the discussions

of academics and amnesiacs

(Verse… All those years ago.)

Shadows of the Vatican.

These are the voices that called out in crime.

( the alleged, the accused, the acquitted.)

In ivory towers standing still above the shrill.

(A mocking tribute.)

Yes Blind baby does have it’s mothers eyes –

I am that grey haired invention

( a misery at first.)

one look… one left – a turn of the dial.

( do you remember those things?)

one turn of that dial for a once in a side – a psychedelic ride.

( an advertisement for the unknown mysteries of the soul.)

Trusted by millions this savage (dis)grace, guided by the moon an mood;

the madness of human folly.

( the giggling insanity.)

the archangels foll.

(all played out live for pataphysical enjoyment.)

A side trip – on a once in a lifetime…

( an inconvenient verb hangs in the air just waiting to be plucked.)