An evidential exclusion
Dismissed as just the ramblings
Of an altered mind. (We all worship in our own way)

Oh What if?
(Vladimir and Godot met over there by the swing sets café’s on hand.)
There it is; the set-up for a night of theatrical grooves.
(Singing, swinging, and well just saying.)
That cat things happen so easily to cats? Every day they are cats. Every day cat things happen and generally cats dislike other cats for a number of reasons.
(The absolute sketch of the perfect sound?)
Purring if only they had thumbs.
A testament to the misery.
(Cats and other cronies.)
Cat things happen not just too cats or so I have heard.
Cat – alogues – of the blinded third eyes – the enveloping sadness at the realization – There are no push pedal penguins there is just cats who are not equipped with opposable thumbs.
(So no slow boat.)

I am not a charity he was overheard (No no-one in particular, no no-one at all.) Saying I am the greatest hoax performed in one act.
This theatre of the distracted, the disturbed, the waiting wanting that never ever goes the way (you think, you are.) A distanced one track, an uncomfortable climb.