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Don’t be afraid of
the unknown.
( the darkness envelopes but
does not smother, it is the true weakness of the
unhinged mind.)
The counter revolution is
in the third minds eye.
(or is it just the intuitive

When one has time
( boredom is a prison … a
poison coursing
through the mind.)

(She! ) is a lightness
of being.
( Sarte’ing over?)
there is no nothing; the lack of is
still something.
( Space is inventory. Too be collected – the reassuring void soon to be filled.)
Filed away like so many others.
Don’t be afraid…
of the dark,
of the creatures that lurk under your bed at night,
( they are very real.)
of the night terrors,
( for good reason.)
of the darkness of dreams
in a machine.
(origin of the spaces.)
These are no more
or less
than dreams that fill up your void
filling the void, filing your mind with the useless detritus of the
day to day wanderings …

of travelling the world in alphabetical
( the new worlds order)
those limiting lines of arbitrary
( only colour within the lines)
dissection/ cross referenced.
On travelling the equatorial stars.
( on progressives plagiarized.)
and the blood red moon