What if in the translation
of errors
the new diseases of time are found
to be a mistake?
(Kathmandu to Timbuktu.)
A black hole folding in on itself.
With tears in her eyes,
( I am not ready)
the out-stretched tentacle
(filth by another name.)
pulling towards the darkened

A new dawn
(Dawn drawn and quartered for millennial admiration.)
an aberration of distorted tangents.
( Oh there we are; So where were we?)
meanwhile back on a Sommerville thing?
(Sommerville is a thing now is it?)
Sommerville is/was always
( he did exist mathematically speaking.)

A festival of … dreams flickering
out of the machine –
( it’s all so heavy – pre industrial revolutionaries.)
The strangers with a strange low
hanging about the stage left door chanting … his is day 30 or
31 of your new life…