Dub House
are the lights on? – So / Pere?
what is this happening? The stage is set … and struck?

The young man sets off on the back of a push pedal penguin – I’m late, I’m late for a very important…trails off into the distance as a policeman with an ace up his sleeve says to no-one “isn’t that just a little too grand Alice?”
Set scene now as the theatre has been emptied of all the players.

So now do you always dream in theatre scenes? -Temple Bar – a large black cat mumbles as it walks across the cap stone – What’s all this about, seems a little distressing that all these dreams are scenes.

Falling back to the default blocking – push pedal – your in my light, grumbling large black cat trance … it’s the eyes … don’t watch.

Dissonant characters dissolve into – a great line of the disposable – some random act of desperation – performance art at its most oblique