Well that worked . this is almost complete some editing and additions will be added to this I’m sure

Sister sunshine’s blackout –
A breakdown of the downtown –
Street scenes of the past / sidewalk cafes with that now lost in a moments loved one – An expressionist dream –
Black angel dust – devils – everyday crawling over the sounds the radio makes as it is being pulled out of the jaws …
Sister sunshine – rubble carted out –
To make way for the new boring –
Beige defined –
The great gaping holes of
The mid-life trauma centre reaching critical mass –

Waking to the madness of metaphor’s – wandering vacantly from one table to another – operating on the higher plain / drifting through the higher hues –
Sister Sunshine and the sidewalk cafes / bohemian Paris or so believed –
Sister Sunshine have you never – walked the desolation of midnight streets thinking out loud the thoughts normally reserved for the waking hours –
So when you ask – Do you know – the dreams unrealized – the eyes that see into the soul –
Only then –