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Old crap and coffee.

Looking at photographs of the old.

The past transferred and digitized…cleaned up.

That obsessive love has gone.

Cut ups reorganized … a semblance of serenity / issues of fake fancy

these faux fuck ups.

Hard jazz codeine lights flashing in sync to the sounds of Sonny Rollins preforming on the Deir el-bahari.


code to fly the freak flag before the stupid take it over.


The artists writers and dreamers.

A mass grave for creativity covered up with false dogma disguised as the new reality.

Old crap and coffee.

Existence in a vacuum..

Wrong chemicals,,,

we all live too long in a states of stupor. It has all gone either black or light.

Crap coffee and Codeine… gone.



it’s the here to now to go crowd

with a dogmatic deathbed re-canting of creative sins.