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Get the vision thing happening … these dreams of grandeur … of building a consciousness constructed on image … works every time for a short time … review a cursing P.T. Barnum that had it right- there is  a sucker is born every minute  –

 leading the lemmings to the poisoned waters –  this reality is distorted – a Jonestown play on the image /

 the flags no longer wave / it is far too late for that –  just drink the Kool-Aid baby blue you will be amazed at what you can do – Just follow them … it’s a vision thing … eventually you will learn to understand –

Read headlines and journal entries … slow news daze these days … there are no information metrics prepared for the deathwatch –

Waking the Magi’s –

She says she used to do this down round Jacksonville –

Mesa top views of the Mary Mary the ancient whore or old time slut Goddess – there is no new life still life in the city of the dead

– Recreational loves decay –

Mentuhotep and the dynastic memorial BBQ … bring your own pharmaceuticals – rec wreck recreational – still life as the afterlife … soon to pass Ammut or later – judgment day and the green topped funeral pyre for the Egyptian bog bodies

it’s a gothic thing found in tombs while the old man of the mountain drops ashes from Herculaneum to the valley of the kings  – latitude longitude – recreational or enforced – love decay – These are the end times and everything you believe is optional –

enforced recreation  re-creating …

tattooed in henna for an arranged mosaic marriage  of convenience in every way … proper form Mary Mary  slut goddess of  Deir el-Bahari – A deity a virgin – a sacrificial service to the greater good Gods – a curious sign  –  go in and you won’t come out at least that is what the locals say –  Step right up step on in you don’t know trouble until you go in –  Images of the Mary Mary start flashing hot red neon – a hellfire club fanfare … free for all  in the early evenings rain – Torch light travel bans PhD’s on retirement leave … tourist trip traps … you never come out … long line left for the future to rummage through … oh the prettiest box must contain the most valuable gifts –  style over substance …. Can you do Anton’s dance for me and sing a long song –

Reminders … walk beside or follow – past times return in the end game – reminders remember those thoughts lost to the dust of old memories – djallababa clad ancients spitting abuse – Don’t you fuck with my mummy you will screw up my eternity!