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Mind and body bobby – wandering walk under the overpass … back to back backside … port-side offside inside … who’s got your side?  What side are you on?

Delusional conclusions / doomed to the replay of accumulated remembrance – remember – the crusades – avenged … so what is the body count now bobby?

How many thousands of millions stepping out on the town for the out of time line two step – too old to squat now that it is –

 one page – 213 – learn to let go before you`re going gone go – like Gysin before  you’re here to go –  Go read –  reading iconic obelisk – reach for the stars … reason …channels to the Gods those memories … constructed with random thoughts – Headlines … no remorse … no feelings …no concern … fresh put of PhD’s try again on Tuesday –

A serial suicide package tour – long slow boat ride on a rainforest watch just in time to do it or die  … watch the light in the eyes flicker out and … replay and reborn   old scars  made anew  like a phoenix rising from the ashes –

Mary Mary blue baby blue / this is the new pornography that is sweeping up the millennia / all the stars gather for the banned cluster fuck service

Hollywood and Vine / Avenues and Orange Park – Technological skunk works worker … crackberry holding castrated consultants wander and stare –  nothing to say … nothing to do  … no purpose on any other day – Gather round –  this is a new pornography day – just open it up and spread it wide

Worship and spread the wonder – There are no new false idols … the image descends to the cries of bend over it’s a vision thing … mission – bend and spread the new pornography – it will be number one with a bullet to the head –