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A chance Meeting



What is here is now

Again – a chance meeting –

Perhaps – between encounter

And dread – to see the

Sights denied time

It’s good they say of

These machines that disseminate the habits

Of the drowned / washing ashore in cliques –

It is the needed tabulation of those cries

In the night-

A chance meeting of the

Historically inaccurate –

Tsarist symbolism in

A Zurich café – red lines on hands and eyes

These are the censored discussions over

Espresso and absinthe –


A drunken comment / a moment frozen on

The page / the sands of time

Overflowing in the glass of hours past –

A chance meeting – perhaps –

Time is up for the word?

Meaning obscured?

Later is now –

Here is then –

When is now a contradiction?

Or is it a blasphemy at the point of

The pen?

I am not the

Man named – it was so many years


That I read those words –

Sands of time overflowing –


Explosive thoughts

Through metallic eyes in turn

of the century expositions –

All is fair in the

World’s fair

Or so they say

In front of that

Dissection table.