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The symphony performs a requiem for the dusty, lost and found jars of the Tustin Council Estates….banging and blowing against style. From Martello and Old Kent Road and then finaly off to Layton Burroughs….bones and ribbons packed since the white cliffs and lightening strikes. Life and death are parodies played out for the amusement park stage of passing motorists who debate the validity of art and sport. Art always loses; takes too much thinking and not enough drinking.


Mary Mary curator of the post modernist world in hookah cafe‘s; under the banner of The Better Living Centre for Vicodin Research.

A Dream machine spins in the corner by an old espresso machine. This is the Keif and kidnap crowd. Always on the lookout for the easy mark of new candidate PhD’s with fresh funding, “whats a little more blood for the desert to absorb”. The pilgrimage progress as Bedouin tribes in blue watch for the drunks on cheap local. They will be too fucked up to make much of a fuss….it’s a cheap laugh….stumble out, into a nest of monitor lizards, “oh well so much for them”, as they flop about screaming foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs slapping way at the lizards. The post modernist apocalyptic tango. “It’s a fucked up world,” Mary Mary tells the crowd “but again we are now fresh out of PhD’s.”


Mind and body bobby….meandering walks over under the underpass. Back to back port side, offside, inside whose got your back side are you on?

Delusional conclusions doomed to replay; replay the accumulated remembrance. Remember the crusades! So what is the body count now Bobby? How many thousand million stepping out on the out of time line two step. Learn to let go before your gone going go like Gysin your here to go. Read. Reading iconic stele, the obelisk to reach the stars…reason…a channel to the gods, remember and worship the memories.

Headlines; no remorse, no feeling, no concern, fresh out of PhD’s come back again on Tuesday

A serial suicide tour package for a long slow boat ride on the rain forest watch in time to do it and die…. Watch the light in those eyes flicker out and… replay and reborn, old scars healed, phoenix rises from the ashes.


Blue baby Mary Mary is the new pornography that is sweeping up the new millenia; all the stars gather to be part of this cluster fuck service. Hollywood and Vine, Avenues and Orange Park.