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Hostility he said. Everywhere you look around and abound. Hostility – bloated corpse remains of the monied classes, gleaming towers; concrete steel and glass. Falling in behind a cartoon parade of black and white. Read 30 years give or take the troubles. She said; it’s all about age. Ice age bronze age Industrial age, technology age, internet age. The Information age… age of Aquarius. Aquarius rising from the ashes. Too much information age leading to hostility and not enough to hindsight.


Once again and missing the point, what is art? The printed word, paint on canvas, The actors play on words? Purpose? Why can it not just be? Hooplah… kisses replayed and long overdue, uncomfortable black and white jokes and jeans cowboy.


Just looking into fuzzy hazy fantazy past. Portraits placed a manor haphazard 20 years apart. A wall of decay bits falling off in ant hill sized mounds crawling around looking about. Pointless he said. Insignificant too look around to the past for pointers on the future. Dread she said. An Obituary that reads accomplishments insignificant. Didn’t amount too much, not worth the effort really. Lived a tired life of inactivity. Better he says than Man leaves stain on sidewalk. Laughing leaves the subject for another glass cup saying she looks shorter in real life.