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No rain here, just storms of face shredding dust and dirt. I have always wondered how all this rust and decay took place when there never is or was any precipitation, no humidity; not even anyone spitting on the walls. This is nothing more than the protestations of an ill-tempered century soon to be forgotten to time.
It’s a triptych to see; the golden vaults. Black eared tumbler variations on a themed street scene. Maintaining this high can’t be easy. A quasi-religious spectacular. Come be part of this wonderful world; Six Flags over Rapture. This is a psychedelic one way trip ticket. Petrol fuelled green dreams of mid-way games. Shooting galleries of the world’s greatest eco terrorists and 24 hours a day televised broadcast of the reverend Billy-Joe. Facilitate and placate.
Strangeness happening under this bridge of people overdosed on P.O. They have perhaps figured out a way to get high on the stuff. Lemon glow, orange cleaner poured onto sponges, old newspapers; towel-ettes thrown away from the corner Waffle House pushed up into the nostrils like tissues to stop a bloody nose.

This tastes like a hostile takeover. Jack booted P.R. flacks tripping over each other trying to figure out how they came to be in violation of the license to operate a regional government.
What you didn’t think things could get worse? Sickly looking skin and bone officials addicted to the dream sequence.
Alternate reality or actual reality; no-one really knows which is which anymore. No-one has come up with a way of figuring it out yet. All glassy eyes and stupid like crack heads stumbling about. Living stupid and dying dumb; which is the way they all want it. Too addled to make a stand; just so easy to steamroll `solutions` through the multi-plex of government when all of the locals are in the habit of having a habit.
Do these Electric sheep dream Technicolor
Transmission End.
Cathode ray catheters inserted into the dreams and all the aspirations come pissing out of indeterminate sexes. Chairman’s wanting that way. Easy to mold and install into the newly developed CRM database. A truly public beta test cash cow corralled all the way to the giant golden vault street party.