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Society thus far has been too involved with the interaction between the right hand and the binary. The online happy ending; and they didn’t notice the intrusions into the bedrooms living rooms, they just never noticed or cared. It’s just all Billboards and televised sport broadcasts to placate and dictate. Tell us what they want us to know. With an internet that doesn’t understand the hidden government IMF/WTO domain names, IPv10 testing they say.
Euro in action, they aren’t called Mickie-soft for nothing. Willingly downloaded the spyware with sad sack music that hath charms to sooth the savage… sleep turn on tune in to internet radio daze. Spin the wheel to spin the bottle for a once in a lifetime sightline. To catch the chairman`s sponsored hostile takeover of world Governments in violation of the license. “What part of it`s a cancer didn`t you understand! ‘The evil sacks of a still dreaming screaming monkey boy assistant to the up with the chairman`s sleeve.
Progress is progressing at a reasonably static dynamic pace. Change is good Mikie. Change direction; change the channel…nothing on…static. Change for changes sake on the counter for the waitress` trip tip. A big game Power Ball losing trip.

In the middle men talking about Government intervention to the listening walls of blank stares, with high brow disinformation conspiracy theories. This is a catch 22 for the 44 year old judge mental watchers of the first wave. Nothing beats television when it comes to deadening the senses to all that surrounds; a stealth still life on Prozac.
Awake…someone something is pounding asphalt, concrete; steel rebar grinding skirting the border patrols of sanity. It’s a still life, a viaduct home away from the homeless wandering the streets digging the near worthless mindset of the rusting steelworks. Infrastructure degraded like moralities failure. Like a cancer, it is efficient in killing beauty. Stylized neon flashes the underground mob with late to the game eco-tourists with words that taste like cancer.