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Sorry about taking so long on this, my handwriting is atrocious and took longer to transpose is over.

Hey there buddy can you spare a quarter for the bad behaviour? Next fiscal will be better we promise. Singing songs of the beached boy’s in the now land locked country … dropped the F- bomb…that will teach them for those disrupting stares at the under repair countries segregated to the lowlands for future consideration. Old artefact states locked into centuries of fiscal belief. The shaken giant has now awakened from the slumbering euro dreams of misplaced co-operation in the hostile takeover. 10 years in the making to sing the songs of consolidation, sing the songs that have been sanitized pasteurized, and anglicised for protection. As they say there will be no smarmy nosy parkers invading your personal space here. So sing the hard sell songs of the living dead inconvenience store clerks overhearing the gangs of Walt; we will Eiffel Tower this radio shape from union made mechano metal to broadcast illuminati positive roach motel dreams of ownership. Trite missives for the swindled public. The Dead Black Sea, regionally cluster bombed and left to list in the bargain basement under the death to the nation notion mark down bin. A nation notation; born of ignorance and bliss stumbles fondly forward to the poor persons Sweden…a rich persons Argentina…were buggered all the same. After all isn’t this what they have bilderberged for us all?
Wandering desolate streets; hallowed only by name. Lonely solitary we have become the haunting melody; a background midnight performance for no one Singing pointedly pointless songs of protest. Far too late for that, there is no-one left unaffected to witness the spectacle of piped in Anita Bryant Country. It’s an after the fact jamboree for putting the U back in country.
The flacks are running through the streets trying to get a feel for what has just happened. Too get a positive spin on this before anyone takes a good hard look through their addled eyes and maybe see’s it for what it is. This is a Kennedy level manipulation. Can’t let it kill this time… hell of a stain on Dallas pavement and that is for too close for its own good. Reputations seriously damaged by photographic manipulations. Yelling we have to get a grip on this. The ordinary is so staggeringly weird.
All flash; no substance. The IMF’s toothy smile grins as another economy get hovered into that black hole. Debts sucking another Country down the sink hole. Never listen, never learn. Can’t they see those Giant Golden Vaults? Of course not it’s just a metaphor. Nudge nudge .
They will be happy to eat Solylent chips after we are done; highly nutritious and made from the best stuff on earth. Laughing IMF hipsters laughing their best sinister 1920’s laugh.