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Digging the bankruptcy rag; of Venture capital in the vulture capital. Re-invest in the new/old navy economy. The principal remains while principle is elastic. It’s kind of similar to demand in certain circles. Credit to style; the only style that ever mattered is style that equals substance. Or so they say. That’s what is missing in doing a Walt. A 24 a day on the hour every hour of a fake Dixie A1A dream of staying warm drunk and fuzzy in a mechanical bear jamboree. It’s all gone wrong. This black and white face farce of a globalization hoedown. Watch the protesters protesting; protecting the mechanical hoedown. Just too high on the scream scene, too drunk and orderly, a global driver rider with no brown M&M’s and definitely no W’s in another Global Crossing to bear. It has all been choreographed down to the last arrest, just to make it look all too real. Placating the population with visions transmitted through. Green recovery underway, under water watching the bubbles burst to the sounds of the rockets’ red glare. Ten more points for the austerity plan.
No more.
No more of the big ass Texas collapsible corporate wealth. 320 million to find the 101 billion nest egg. It truly is a Bummer about your Beemer year bubba.
Dixie doing Walt in sesame scream scene. G rated horrors suitable for Children through the widespread trade you filled with violence.
Gas station rebels post September 11 notes of marketing behaviour Pepsi, Pop rocks, American Vogue, pure pop hipsters; waving vague flags of 63% cotton biblical coats for perfectly perverted winter’s of our discontent. Shake the spears of protest. This is the time to get Medieval with the rules of Walter. Break out the Pepsi and pop rocks for those that remember. There will be no success until the bears ride the long log slide into the watery fun park of the A1A on the Orlando, Daytona, Jaxport train.
Loving Walt’s frozen globalization waltz.. Wax sealed vaulted flags muffle the screams of those that chose to live in the vacuum. See the protest has gone all wrong..

Point of Contact. Calendar points to these 6 months to the day. Arise; Illuminated order of the Golden Apples…No seeds left to get caught up in the Golden Socks. So today look down on the fields of distress. W.T.C. Now a picture perfect vision of the Killing Fields memorial, a federally reserved tribute the rate payers furiously bailing out those shining stars. Point of Interest rate…let them think they are winning this 3 legged sack race. Spin it for contact. See the Anton still marching on Madison. Endgame is in sight. Cross hairs on the borders behaving badly.