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Conjecture, reason, or all of the above. I’m in a state and the state of Georgia is stuck between my teeth. My axis of evil. All that prodding by toothpick will only result in another Waffle House popping up on one of the so called deep woods street corners. The cities are full to overflow, just have to expand to all corners of Dixie south Jaxport. This is not the last stop in the Waffle House world expansion tour. The South shall rise again” and Krispy Kreme claims first in the ongoing doughnut turf war. Toronto’s got it bad. Gone code red boring in a hot original glazed frenzy of polyunsaturated fat merchandising. Journey and descent in a trademark branded suit of our own making.
Wait for it; it’s all just blond leading the blond on this Olympic judge jury executioner trip.
Channel 3 has nothing, just the Botoxed visage displayed 6’x4’; the face frozen in time. It’s all just a game. If we cared this much about family and friends then we perhaps we wouldn’t be up to our armpits in the mess we’ve created. We wallow about in our visions of grandeur. So have a seat the dancing bears will be out in a moment to sing and dance your problems away. Won’t be long now, there’s only a few years left before we are all complacently sitting in our local muttering on about the latest fallacy in sweet iced tea bliss.
To awake from the 2K12 London dream. Performance art shuffleboard dancing, the holy trinity of bar room activities combined and covered by the local news at 11. All activity has stopped for the Smothered and Covered Cup telecast. Oh so sorry I can’t come by and mug you today the World Juniors are on the we’re all glued to boxed cluster fuck. So there is no better place for the new formula P.O. Multiple personality test. So if someone wigs out you can attribute it to a losing team supporter. Iraq, the Afghanis, or a rouge element within the C.I.A. It’s not like the C.I.A. hasn’t done chemical testing on the unsuspecting before. Sell it as a down home biscuits and gravy dream, never happened, it doesn’t exist in a Area51 sort of flashback.
New World Order’s a globalization pizza, easy on the Argentina’s. All rat food fodder in a Wonderful World Order of corpses littering the crops; must be time to spray. Turn back time, it never happened.