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Cathedral –
Displays the grandeur in
the tanks overflowing with soldiers onward.
Popularized invocation – an explanation of the decay/
of the reflections
in the eyes denied.
I name the eyeless denials- the speech’s never
given – these are their voices – I give them sight-
They are replayed in dreams / the dreams of the father


Dreams less sweet in/
psychic slumbers-
Oh my dear what makes you think
I care that you walk these streets
in silent hate / of issues multiplied by


So I dreamed a dream / climbing
the silent stairs/ with proclamations
of intent.
I dreamed a dream of adrenaline on an umbrella’s


Banned blood lines / is that all my 2 cents are worth
in a terminal world?
Sometimes art is not –
provocation –
to paraphrase the literary
para-military –
I will not be
your St. Valentines day
of total dissent/ of
Broken on the streets
of Promise-
My past is an evil river flowing
into the Mass for the middle class.
This is a Requiem for the living-


We are of our own-
Our illusions
travel along the walls
of the western kingdom –
the river is full /
of memories / the fallen but not
forgotten and the Master Musicians play
a requiem for the survivors.


Under the sheltered skies the
protective eyes watch –
Time was denied as language became
self-replicating –
The virus is a mosaic of
words that paint no pictures
of time gone grave.