Blond leading the Blond
2010 kperry  

This, this has gone on for far too long, screwed up and whacked out.
Flashback to some bad high school middle school acid trip to a
community college. Can't
remember who said it exactly , but thus has been a very very long
strange trip. Yeah , that pretty much sums it up, and ya know what
I'm still looking for an eraser to help clean away all the weirdness
of these last weeks.  It's
Blond leading the Blond baby. Wake up and smell the roses, the
flowers, what your mommas got cooking.... This certainly doesn't look
good and by the way have any of you seen where I've put my glasses?
Oh well, no matter the scripts over ten years old anyways , so I
guess that explains the bruises away doesn't it. Cracked
out, whacked out, and smacked out. Home and hearth, home and heart,
home home on the free range. Trying to stay warm under the viaduct,
there's too much noise anyway, pounding pounding pounding, someone
somethings run over a soul, not mine but might as well been. Oh God,
that was embarrassing, sigue sigue segue... Sputnik posters , blast
from the past. Blond leading the blond baiting blond left the blond
for a once in a lifetime strip. Ya see what I'm saying, it's all the
same A
place in the rising Sun? A place in Los Angles. No this is still
Toronto isn't it? My
boulevard of broken scotch bottles, shattered illusions, and a one
way ticket to hell .Never-mind. Said
it before and I'll say it again. You all know those people walking
down the streets talking to themselves? If ya give them cellular
telephones they wont appear to be crazy, they'll just be having
highly animated conversations, and y'all will know that will cut down
on the stress levels on the streets. It's just a thought, but I know
there would be more humor. persons
of the clinical persuasion having deep philosophical conversations
with God, Presidents, Prime Ministers and their dogs. Film it all and
there we have instant compelling reality television, Damn that's just
brilliant, where's my agent, there will be no more sleeping on subway
exhaust vents .Huh?
Robbie Burns Day?Well
I guess that's why I have no quarters, no sense no feeling. Comes
from too many drams of scotch that. All that seems lost too me now as
I wander there desperate streets. Ah yes , if these streets could
talk they'd say get off of me. the
trolley tracks are talking loudly but they sound like socialist
politicians. Always whining... forever whining... whine one for
Canada eh?The
what about me ... the where's my bit... not in my backyard you don't.
Sound familiar? it should ...politicians that sound just like you and
me. I guess it's true, we really do get t he politicians we deserve;
in which case were done for. A country that's no better off than
Argentina... no armed uprisings though ... were not allowed to have
weapons,. It's for our own safety ya know. All that hot cold cool
warm cold weather has effected our motor skills no hand eye
co-ordination here. peripheral visions pretty much shot too. Hell we
can barely walk and chew gum at the same time. And with all these
Coffee shops every hundred or so yards meters feet , you can just
imagine what would happen. Armed and on a caffeine high. That wont be
a pretty sight at all.  They've
been talking... about what I'm not really too sure of or who exactly
is talking, Its all gone blurry... fuzzy thinking... fuzzy
logic...fuzzy fozi bears. Need more morphine to maintain the sesame
street scream scene. The trolley tracks are talking, telling stories
of finding people frozen with fear in the middle of summer, like a
deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. Believing too
much Hollywood hype, Caught up like a bit player. Follow
your dreams they say;but beware of the fork folk fuck in the middle
of the road and what did the say about the road less traveled? Stay
the course! Aye Captain, lest ya fall fail flail about like a flip
flop flounder fish in that Daytona beach in your mind. Pretty sad if
ya think about it. California dreaming of a new York state of mind.
Triumph on the fields , but there is no victory against the power.
There is no victory, in this age of Enron. So lets all bet that
everyone says the dead guy made them do it. That's right blame the
guy that ate the .38it's not like he can deny it. The dead guy. he is
lying!! He's making it up as he goes along , he's talking out the top
of his hat!!Hope
that its not all for naught, after all that could have been your or
me. Dodging death once again , pretty intrepid eh? Just putting on my
clown face, a two step away from the old Waldorf Hysteria. They
say it will be an early spring, well it can't come early enough if
your asking me , and there's no need to point out that no-one asked. I'm
close to the edge again. Another day another dollar that I can't see
touch or use. Careful I said I was close. A look at that clock on the
wall will tell you more than what time it is. Well here it is my
jumping off point. Oh Crap, am up to my knees in the stuff, the wind
blows it up into piles much higher than the actual total accumulated.
This is the winter of my discontent...15th century Shakespeare
... the man who made sleeping high through middle high school English and
theater just that much easier. I am actually surprised there isn't
hasn't wasn't much more Shakespeare related mass homicide/suicide as
there should have and could have been. Give me Oscar Wilde and his
sarcastic mouth , so what's a few centuries , sometimes it takes that
long to get it right . meanwhile I'm still up to my knees in this
crap that's not snow and certainly not latte foam. Mind you it does
have the consistency marshmallow puree. Suspicious. Oh yeah , the
shredded evidence. There was once something called a dot com here.
This landscape is riddled with the shells of spectacular flame-outs.
Luckily these things never went the arson way or we'd never be able
to piece together the jigsawed reasons why. Spring shall wash the
earth anew, well its gonna take more than that to wash away blow dry
and style this stench away Oh
look! it's the golden apple boy wonder Steve flashing his insanely
great idea cue cards that no-one all that interested in. Long hard
fight made even more so when you lack the basic common tools. Don't
think you can scream and belittle your way to a win here. The crass
and vulgar always win It's the safe chic. Cash/cache flow beats
pretty every time. But don't give up we brought you back your the
corporate whipping boy, the Cupertino whore with the turtle neck hair
, it really is a shame ya don't do windows. A pudgy black haired
blond boy heralding the arrival of the insanely great all wrapped up
in a comfy soft solar wind panel. Three piece Armani to go please...
extra turtleneck ... Time to go. Buy
a map, go south way down south , not of this country and western ,
NPR is my only rest for the wicked delusional. First coast surfing
the P.R. wave. It's beachin' baby.  Doing
sesame in the land Walt envisioned built died . How many tonnes for
the dreamers? Doing how much till the bears hold a jamboree in honor
of this dream nightmare state. Homogenized sanitized, demoralized for
your convenience protection, and utmost selection. Rising
from the great grates below the public walkway. Steam, smoke, stench.
That putrid slightly acidic smell. this is what they do. Fill and
poison the air with a that complacency drug P.O. Oxide flavor for
that diesel smell so the public doesn't wig out in a binary
nightmare. Lucid moments every so often. The rest of the time you end
up walking down streets talking to yourself or babbling into some
non-existent cellular telephone Don't
think Walter envisioned this. Damned Liberals, and the rest of the
socialist crybabies, whining and complaining, can't think for
themselves. Sanitized homogenized and demoralized for your own
protection, and don't forget to wear your gloves. City
of the future.  Uh,
excuse me kind Sir/Madam Mr/Ms/Mrs. Can you tell me where these
Country music playing, singing, dancing, walking, talking, hawking
mechanical bears I've heard seen saw as seen on TV so much about.
This doesn't look like 1974 too me. The damned things done tested and
true. Doing that damned mechanical bear hoedown by now. I don't want
no proxy real bear stand in , I can tell the difference ya know. Will
someone please turn off that Mozart. I can feel my teeth slowly
rotting away as I slide towards a diabetic coma. Thank you , whats a
guy gotta do to get away from that stupefying accordance's of
California dreaming of Orlando Daytona Jax. Nightmare mickey with the
attitude, stink and toothy shit eating grin of a Europa mouse. Bears
don't translate well enough to justify the price of admission. Maybe
the debut performance of Jerry Springer the musical, can reverse the
fortunes of the in now in crowd of botox babes Unfeeling,
unthinking, unmoving faces so long ago styled on that wold wide web
stage. Greedy, frozen,injected, implanted media whores. Goldstar
superstar. Wake
up in a cold sweat. Someones been playing Mozart while I sleep. Sugar
granules attack enamel molecules. Hm. I'll have a candy bar instead
please. At least that will be slightly enjoyable. No,
it wasn't/was a dream, still cartoon characters parading down the
fake main street. Orlando, Daytona, Jax. Time-line L7 Lake city
Callahan 2 step, 2 stepping my clown face backed up to the Waldorf
hysteria. Gotta get my top hat, got my tails, gotta the euro, eating
snails. What's the break even point? Can I
make anything on this deal. Wall
street, wall street, walking down Hall street. 
wondering. Doing Disney world wide makes it bland and superficial.
Generic safe version of burned out buildings, dot com executives, not
liable, shells of 4 humanity. Life's a beach they tell me, sand get
in everything everywhere, buggering things up down button down mutton
down top down trickle down economics... it's just that voodoo that
you do. Making those numbers sing a song of my old Kentucky home Singing
songs of six pence, sixth sense, two cents worth thank you very much. Singing
songs for two cents worth, ye the dead guy directed the whole thing,
Wall Street Journal reporting Kenneth” bet ya can't eat just one”
Lay, saying mislead lied to says Sheridan. Dead guys dead for sure,
just like Gary Gilmore. No talking allowed. Conjecture,
reasoning, all of the above. I'll be with you in just a moment, the
state of Georgia is stuck between my teeth. Let me tell ya that's the
real axis of evil. Toothpicks prodding only results in another Waffle
house popping up. Popping up on a deep woods street corner. Cities
are full, must expand to all corners of the Dixie south. Jax-port
last redneck stop on the waffle house souther domination expansionist
tour. The South Shall indeed rise again. Krispy Kreme claims first in
on going doughnut war. Toronto's out and about for a Disney of Hot
Originals A cholesterol killing. Y'all be taking a Lipitor and Xanax
to control those Polyunsaturated fat cravings. Y'all See what I'm
saying, Y'all hear what I do, You doing what I hear? I think
therefore I'm better. Now do ya see what I'm saying? Got it ? good,
now remember it for the rest of us 

Journey and Decent 
Kinda figures doesn't it. State
of the Union Depressed is 1313 Mockingbird lane. Scary. Grandpa
Munster scary but frightening all the same. A Bush in the land is
worth two in the bird , or so they say. Wait
for it. It's all about time. It's all just about Blond leading the
Blond on this Olympic size axis. Judge, jury, and executioner . Wait
for it, the inevitable backlash against pea soup, peameal bacon,
Molson, the dreaded, horrific poutine and Celine Dion revenge. Well one can
only hope ... and pray for the backlash against Celine Dion anyways Channel
3 has nothing, but the horrible face of the botox baby whose visage
is displayed on a six foot widescream. Whines like all the
others. A stuck pig frozen, like her face, in time. Museum of Natural
History won't take it . There's nothing natural about .You
know It's just like sports. Maybe if we had cared this much about Family or  Friends. We wouldn't be
up to our armpits in the crap we've created.. Tell me you would
behave differently. Tell me , Call you. Sanctimonious sacks of shit.
Wallowing in delusions, visions of grandeur. Go ahead , it's just
another buried up to the shoulders in someone  else's ass. Don't ya know.