what is it I hear?

Paris is in ash

crepe’s Pompeii ! It’s a

fusion of food gone extreme.

What of Europa-Disney?

No worse off than before – grey lattes

served by a toga wearing Minnie mouse,

over-looking Beckett’s old place.

Is it any better than sharks head soup in lactic acid?

At it’s peak there was no time.

Provisional Euro zone monetary explosion.

It’s a Bjorking swan song.


Fits the bill I suppose.


Bailout of crusty economic positions duckie.

But what of the fluxus?

Group is fucked

in a groupo sportivo way.

that’s what Xenakis said

of the Bloodied Bourgeois book

it is Stewart’s Home away from

work book . Trippin on a benzo high – it

makes one fall off of

their bicycle

tic tok tick talk toot toot.

Toke talkin take away

So what is this I hear?

white noise from the suburbs.

members only

when the lights go down

then it’s 4 dollars fifty cents

for a draught of watered down beer at your local.

But no smoking – must take that outside along with the 2 bit

jacket you came riding in on.

Coat tails all a flutter… young lovers .

I still do not understand? What is not

what is … it’s just a never you mind

young Stephen Daedalus. Just you wait till

your Dublin mother gets home.

All bandaged – the old international zone colour

robes flapping in the Moroccan sun.

theme goes here.

young master Stephen Daedalus.

Just you wait.

For the endgame. For paragraphs

without end.

no punctuation. Life’s secret word


Over by the barrel all oak and majestic

but only when filled with a single malt?

Maybe my young duckie. But just you

never-mind. It’s not a concern of your young age.

When the time is right

you will know.

Concern yourself now with

Dictionaries – default to the anthem

of the age. Metallic, sonic, hallucinatory

sounds of the book being opened in the company

of strangers. Enlightened word horde.



Apprehension of the dissertation


Of the fault lines of Icelandic glaciers

of disastrous consequences