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The‭ ‬70

false promises and false starts the here after never more of‭

coffee shop guardian angels,‭ ‬the waiting words of‭

park-bench prophets.

The nonsense is real,‭ ‬in the eyes of Mother‭

Conflict.‭   ‬This planet gongs‭  ‬for the here and now.

Sangre de Christos‭; ‬through the here and now

Sangre de Christos

False promises of the‭ ‬70.

Holy holy mother conflict,‭ ‬made insane.

Mother Mary‭ ‬,‭ ‬amphetamine angel.‭  ‬Holy holy holy‭

Tainted metal.‭ ‬Holy mother mary flowered pedestal.

Throw down your gold‭  ‬the jesus the mohammad we are awaiting‭

The‭ ‬70.

Lapdog lapdog,‭ ‬sitting panting

Waitng for the second‭ ‬-‭  ‬passes by.‭

Blood changes everything.

‭    ‬2

The stink of the long death‭  ‬permeates this place‭

Of the forgotten idle.

Revitalized‭  ‬realization,‭ ‬in part

Enthusiastic euthanasia,‭ ‬in contempt

For a new new‭  ‬no chance blundering through‭

The day to day same old-‭ ‬same old faces,‭ ‬same old‭ – ‬same old sermons

preached to the converted co-conspirators.‭ ‬Holy holy holy mother conflict.

Sangre de Politicos.

Fluers du mal.

The stink of combined indifference.‭  ‬A paradise‭

On a bed of nails.

inaction is action waiting for passage.‭ ‬Make your peace to‭

grab a piece.‭ ‬Pacts made are unmade to continue‭

the wasteland.‭

What does it matter if they still‭

Pay their rates‭ ‬.

‭    ‬3

Mourning the back alley inhabitants of‭

Addled men and women.‭ ‬The denizens of the dark,‭ ‬tattered in their‭

Misery.‭ ‬A daily search for the hours gone by in ghosts of business‭’‬.

Underneath the sightline‭ – ‬gentrified beige sameness.

Bitter reflection‭ – ‬the madness of isolation.‭ ‬Passions inflamed.‭

The blandness of it all takes hold.

The fake promises and false starts in the here and now ever after.

The breakdown between is delineated‭ – ‬pitfalls of hypnotic slumber.

In this place‭ – ‬a lookout into the eyes of the minds walking unperturbed by

The‭  ‬surrounding stifling‭  ‬decay‭ – ‬addictions are transferable in the‭  ‬here after now.

Transfer now‭ – ‬here‭ – ‬after now.‭ ‬After‭  ‬mother mary amphetamine blue‭


Lines form in chaotic arrays‭ – ‬nothing made‭ ‬-‭ ‬nothing gained.‭ ‬Resolute destitution.

Dependency of culture‭ ? ‬or A culture of dependency.

Delay‭  ‬holy holy holy mother mary in the‭

Here after the nether mores.‭ ‬A black page stained the palmed psalms

Glancing stares condemning pairs.

Delay‭ – ‬deft deniability‭ – ‬from a black book of red tape‭ ‬.‭  ‬take away the past‭  ‬to

Deny the future.