That which was has become.
Fold in Mcluhan’s media laws and become
a student.
The electric environment. There is too much
outside in.
Critical mass. Outside; in-patients worship the panic. Fold in Harold Brodsky
In an artificial wood. Its electric painting
Pictures have become…wooden.
It’s a national notion of environment. Comfort
Is a 1986 issue of an advertisement for 2012. Echo the words of wisdom from
Prophet to profit. See the comforts of tomorrow. Maybe Maya.
Orient the disaster that is the collected past. Memento of the state.
Tear down this Gorbachov and a door closes in your face wall me .
Try a little tenderness as a clear function appears as
Intent. The Clayton Rubicon will happen again. It gave you what you wanted to
See from shining sea.
Glitter on the figure ground. Glitterati.
I chimed in on the Electric environment. A nasty dream clicking black and white
Pornographic images of shade and function. A pipe dream it would seem.
Secretly proud of what you’ve become?
Fold in the digital.
The follower’s the leader’s the wanna be’s the petty, the pretty, and the
Fashionable. Eat what you have become. Be what you are branded.
Black Spot on or black spot record.
Recording every smoking cigarette. Spotted being trendy for a feeding or
a fork.
The prophet on a park-bench. Desire on a pathway…it is good. Raise your fists to
Thee resurrected unknown. Unkempt sense of morality. Raise your fists wayward souls. Music
Outside. discordant. It bores me with volume. There’s is no substance in the souls.
That which was has become.
I hear the virus sing.
I hear the voice of the law
Reject reject reject
The artist reduced to talking about it.
Society and decline. As it is said strategically or
Theoretically like Artaud.
Life is hostile in the theatre of cruelty.
The virus speaks of possible outcomes for the rock, this stage. Annihilate
The plague that breeds in these souls, and the gods damn the
Common the self-obsessed the ego the id .
Find your friends . Gone in a flash
Of downtown brown.
Garbage and stink, garbage and stink. The garbage and stink
Rises and engulf the soul. Destroyed and regulated.
Health defines class.
Dirt and sickness are ambivalent. The refuse
Social distinction.
Drink it up. Drink up the streets. It’s the prime-time
time. It’s time for the prime-time time
sludge and slime, dirt and grime
health defines your status
drink it up .
In all our decadence we all still die.
Flash of down-town brown stains with the realisation that immortality is not
yours. Never yours

Ambient noise of newspaper editorials
Why id doesn’t matter
In 2009
Status defines tolerance.

Dreadnaught juggernaught. Who started all this?
What is this and why is it.
A feeding frenzy, the corpse of the commerce committee.
Push coming to shove.
It’s the new dawn. The Opera notion of what makes a nation
It’s half past the apocalypse.